4 common myths about narcissists who are wrong

Personality disorder
4 common myths about narcissists who are wrong

A relationship with a narcissist is usually a very painful experience.


Narcissists are self-indulgent, charming, and true master manipulators – this is the popular belief. But that is not entirely true.

A: n narcissist: Loving is often very stressful and tiring. More than anything, they need attention and admiration and are prone to regular outbursts of anger. Yet there are also traits that narcissists are mistakenly attached to.

Narcissism: These misconceptions exist about the phenomenon

Because while some traits are typical of people with narcissistic personality disorder, there are also incorrect assumptions. Because, for example, they are not as “talented” at manipulating as is often believed. You can find out what myths there are about narcissists in the video.

Source used: psychologytoday.com


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