5 ways to trigger the happiness hormone


Eating chocolate, laughing, practicing positive psychology, smelling a good smell … There are many ways to release the hormone of happiness. Here are 5 to implement without delay to distill even more well-being in your life.

Walk in nature

It is well known that playing sports helps release endorphins before and after physical exertion. This hormone has proven to be a real bulwark against stress, anxiety and depression. It also provides a feeling of pleasure and euphoria. Conversely, when you are in little shape, you tend to ruminate and stay at home. Big mistake! To secrete the happiness hormone, start by walking for at least 30 minutes a day. The must ? Go for a walk in the middle of nature for 2 hours every week. As the psychiatrist Christophe André explains in his book And don't forget to be happy (Odile Jacob), specialists are now starting to talk about vitamin V for Vert. For example, a study has shown that city dwellers living near green spaces have better health than those who do not. In Japan, city dwellers already practice therapeutic "forest baths", which reduce the presence of cortisol, the famous stress hormone. It's your turn !

Smell the good smell of laundry

Scents sometimes have the power to remind us of good memories and give us a feeling of happiness. This is the case, for example, with the comforting smell of clean laundry, which stimulates the production of endorphin and thus contributes to a feeling of well-being. For many of us, the intoxicating scent of Soupline fabric softeners is indeed synonymous with nostalgia. The clean sheets that dry in the fresh air, the very soft towel when you get out of the shower… All those little moments of softness that remind us each time of the pleasure of snuggling up in fresh sheets washed with Soupline.


Oxytocin is one of the other great hormones of happiness, and it is especially secreted when you cuddle your partner, your parents … or even your pet. At birth, the baby has an absolute need for physical contact in order to be able to develop. But as life progresses, contact between members of the same family or couple tends to become increasingly rare. Gold, " When someone touches you affectionately, your body makes oxytocin, known as the attachment hormone. It causes a state of well-being », Explains Céline Rivière, author of Cuddle therapy, a prescription for happiness (Michalon). So never break contact, it's essential!

Meditate in full awareness

Meditation has countless virtues, including a positive impact on the immune, cardiovascular and hormonal systems. A study conducted by F. Falkenström in 2010, for example, showed that participants in a 12-day meditative retreat had much higher well-being scores than a control group. Currently, it is mindfulness meditation, initiated by Jon Kabat-Zinn, that is talking about her. What is it about ? “To be mindful is to be aware. It is directing our attention first to our body, because everything goes through it. Our suffering is often linked to our relationship with time, to the fact that we do not accept to live in the moment – but either in the future or in the past. So we are never connected with ourselves; body, heart, mind together », Reports Holly Niemela, teacher in Mindfulness. Mindfulness meditation allows us to release dopamine, serotonin and endorphins, three hormones of happiness. The ideal? Meditate this summer in the mountains, to let yourself be carried away by an exceptional environment.

Try Laughter Yoga

Laughter has very beneficial actions on health, allowing muscle relaxation, but also on our morale. Laughter helps to synthesize serotonin, the hormone that regulates our mood and fights depression, but also endorphins, which reduce anxiety and stabilize our mood. So, don't miss an opportunity to laugh with a friend, a colleague, or to have fun in front of the Sunday night turnip! You can also try laughter yoga. This "no-reason" laughter, not generated by humor, is said to have countless benefits for breathing, heart, hypertension … and of course mood. A good hearer

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