6 tips to prepare and succeed in your sales this year

This year, the 2021 winter sales will begin on Wednesday, January 20, 2021. And because we always tend to get carried away too quickly, we are giving you some tips that will help you buy only the essentials and avoid the superfluous. .

It's sales soon! And who says balances necessarily means useful expenses, but sometimes (even very often) unnecessary. During the sales, we tend to let go and heat up the credit card for no reason. But in 2021, we will try to change these unfortunate habits and buy only what we really need. Here are some effective tips to make a success of your sales and avoid the superfluous in your wardrobe!

1. Stop buying anything and everything because "it's not expensive"

The sales are the time to have fun, but especially the time to convince yourself that you are doing good business. And very often, we fall into the trap! We end up with a pair of heels that we will never put on, but that we bought "because they were nice and above all really cheap". Except this year, we avoid making this mistake again and for that: we establish the real priorities.

2. Make a list of the fashion pieces you really need

No, you don't need a tenth black sweater in your wardrobe! We are often tempted to buy this little top because it looks nice and on sale, even if we already have several similar models in the wardrobe. To avoid the frills and unnecessary purchases, make a list with only the fashion pieces you really need. Choose good quality basics that you will keep for several years.

3. Always consult the size guide online

With the coronavirus epidemic, many of us are shopping online. The problem is, you can't try on the clothes anymore. Moreover, even the in-store fitting rooms are today for the most part inaccessible. So to avoid ending up with a dress that is too big or pants that are too tight, consult the size guide online. Not all brands cut the same!

4. Remember to look at the "outlet" tab if there is one

You probably haven't noticed it, but many online shopping sites have an "outlet" tab throughout the year. During the sales, these outlet pieces usually get an additional discount. So it might be worth going take a look! Mango has for example a second online shopping site entirely dedicated to the outlet: mangooutlet.com.

5. Accept the fact that your favorite part is out of stock

You had spotted this coat for months, here it is finally on sale … but your size is already out of stock. However, it is not worth persisting! If it's too small it's too small and if it's too big it's too big. Fortunately, you sometimes have the option of being notified if the part is back in stock, so don't hesitate to enter your email address because you may have a nice surprise!

6. Subscribe to newsletters and become a member

Even if your Gmail account is already full of advertisements, consider signing up for newsletters because there are often discounts hidden there! Don't hesitate to become a member, either. At H&M, for example, you accumulate points and can benefit from a voucher or a personalized discount. Also, it sometimes happens that certain items are only on sale for members.

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