Adele: Finally new music from the soul pop queen

Finally new music from the soul pop queen

Adele makes it exciting with her new album.

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After six years of creative silence, Adele is finally releasing new music: her new single “Easy On Me” will be released in mid-October.

Haven’t heard from her for a long time, now it’s out: Superstar Adele (33) is back!

The singer announced her comeback at the weekend with mysterious projections of the album title “30” all over the world. Then she changed her profile pictures on Twitter and Instagram. And now she has announced her first single in five years with a short video.

The first glimpse

“Easy On Me” will be released on October 15th. In the black and white video, the singer can be seen driving a car lost in thought to melancholy piano music while sheet music flies through the window from the back seat.

Mysterious signs all over the world

At the weekend all over the world projections of the number 30 suddenly appeared in front of a blue-black-spotted background: on the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, on the Empire State Building in New York. The font and title were very reminiscent of Adele’s earlier albums.

Then Adele also changed her profile pictures on Twitter and Instagram: In exactly the blue-black-spotted background that the projections contained. Fans agreed: there is new music coming!

When is the album coming?

Adele has always named her albums after the age they were in when they were created or released. Adele is now 33 years old. But it is quite possible that she has been working on the album since she was 30 years old – when she separated from her husband Simon Konecki.

In addition, she had already called the album “30” in a tweet in 2019: “30 will be a drum-and-bass album to annoy you all.” While the part with the “drum and bass” was meant as a joke, it would be fitting if the name had been fixed for so long.

It is not yet known when the first album will be released in six years. But it can’t be long before we can hear the Adele album “30” soon after “19”, “21” and “25”.


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