After a fall on stage: Joe Biden “is fine”

After a fall on the stage
Joe Biden ‘doing fine’

US President Joe Biden is doing well after his fall.

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Joe Biden fell on stage in Colorado. The White House has now explained what the reason was and how the President is doing.

US President Joe Biden (80) tripped over a sandbag during a performance on Thursday (June 1) and fell. The incident happened while Biden was presenting diplomas at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado. As reported by CNN, but the President appeared to be fine afterward, so he strode unassisted to his seat in the stands. At the end of the ceremony, he was reportedly seen jogging towards his vehicle, smiling. The White House explained also officially that Biden is doing well after the fall.

The US President fell when he came off the stage. He had previously addressed the academy’s graduates and spent more than 90 minutes handing out diplomas and congratulating them. As he was trying to get back to his seat, he tripped and fell to the ground, according to CNN. He landed on his right hip. A group of men helped him to his feet. Footage of the celebration said sandbags were placed in front of the podium near where Biden had stood. Previously, these were apparently used to weigh down two teleprompters.

That’s what Biden’s doctor says

Biden is running for a second term. He has fallen in public before, including last year while on a bike ride in Delaware and on the steps of his Air Force One airplane. Biden’s doctor said the president was physically fit for office. The president’s stiff gait is due to “wear and tear” on Biden’s spine. According to CNN, the latest examination found that the condition was unchanged, albeit with “possibly tighter hamstrings and calves.”

In his speech to the graduates in Colorado, Biden joked about his age, which his political opponents repeatedly use as a point of attack. “When I graduated from high school 300 years ago, I applied to the Naval Academy,” laughed Biden during his performance.


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