Agustin Galiana totally naked: the singer, ultra sexy, undresses completely on Instagram!

To counter the summer heat, Agustin Galiana brought down the top… and the bottom! Surely embarrassed by the heat wave that has reigned over France for several weeks, the actor, notably seen in Clemappeared completely naked on his Instagram account, an image that amazed many fans. Lying on his back, he uses only his hand to hide his private parts and smiles with all his teeth!

Surrounded by holiday business, he seems quite ready to leave… but perhaps it would be better to put on a swimsuit before heading to the airport or the train station. Otherwise, there might be a few surprises! In any case, the snapshot, more than original, was very popular with Internet users, who laughed a lot and were sometimes quite shocked to see it in the simplest device.

Former columnist Enora Malagré notably left many laughing emojis in the comments. Dancer Christian Millette called him “bad boy“. As for another TF1 actor, Terence Telle, he seemed really disturbed: “OH MY GOD“, he wrote … with a lot of humor.

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