Anker launches an external battery capable of charging a MacBook at 140 watts

Seemingly rather monotonous, the external battery market is actually advancing at full speed. Latest example: the launch of Anker’s PowerCore 24K, a battery capable of providing up to 140 watts of power.

Looking for a way to extend the battery life of your brand new 16-inch MacBook Pro? Anker has you covered. The specialist in accessories for smartphones and external batteries has just launched the PowerCore 24K with exceptional characteristics.

As its name suggests, this battery is used to charge your phones, tablets and computers thanks to its 24,000 mAh capacity supported by two USB-C ports and a USB-A port. If the manufacturer has already marketed batteries with gigantic capacities – we remember the PowerCore 26800 and its infinite autonomy – it is more the technology used in this new gadget which is interesting here. The PowerCore 24K is indeed compatible with the USB Power Delivery 3.1 standard; which means it is capable of delivering up to 140 watts of power.

140 watts, GaN and 3 USB ports

Such an energy flow can charge most laptops. The battery can thus replace the 140 watt charger that Apple delivers with its latest MacBooks. It restores about 50% charge in about forty minutes. Enough to finish quietly what you have to do before leaving to lose yourself hiking in the mountains. It is also possible to charge the battery itself with a 140 watt block.

Beyond its power and monstrous capacity, Anker’s battery also has the good taste of using gallium nitride, a semiconductor material that offers more power in a more compact shell. We cannot objectively say that the PowerCore 24K is compact with its 16 cm long and 5 cm thick (and 630 g on the scale), but for a battery that carries so many milliamps, it’s a small feat. On its site, Anker specifies that the accessory can charge an iPhone 13 almost 5 times, 4 and a half times a Galaxy S22 and 1.3 times a MacBook Air 2020. And if you wish, you can also charge all these devices at the same time ; the battery will take care of distributing the power in an optimal way. A small screen will even tell you the charge delivered to each device.

Let’s be clear, the PowerCore 24K is clearly not the battery you’re going to slip into your pocket before heading out on the town or on a night out. It’s much more the type of accessory that you carry in a bag in addition to your laptop to help you out when you feel the breakdown coming. At €149.99, it’s not a gadget that you buy on a whim either. But if you need the fastest power bank on the market, Anker has the solution for you here.

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