Aruba: Everyone wants to go there

Aruba is the perfect cliché of a Caribbean island: 365 days of perfect weather, velvety soft beaches and happy people everywhere – everyone would like to go there to escape the German winter.

What the hell am I supposed to do there?

Mainly enjoying life, preferably relaxing and recharging in a colorful environment. What else is the turquoise water supposed to be good for? Aruba has more dream beaches than a dime a dozen, also offers the sunniest weather in the entire Caribbean, the finest cuisine and even a bit of the Dutch way of life – after all, the island is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. “One happy island” is what people call Aruba here. Not without reason.

There are also birds of paradise here. But home to flamingos — aside from a private resort in Aruba — is the neighboring island of Bonaire.

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Exorcism – Which place surprises?

After the closure of the oil refinery and the end of phosphorus mining, wealthy San Nicolas at the southern end of Aruba threatened to become a ghost town. Then artists like Tito Bolivar boarded the city and turned it into a pillar of street art in the Caribbean. In November the annual Art Festival Aruba Art Fair instead of. No doubt – San Nicolas is the most exciting place on Aruba.

If you want a guided tour of San Nicolas, hit up Tito Bolivar on Instagram (@297bolivar). His prize: “What is it worth to you, my friend?!”

Can you do it without a beach?

Aruba: National Park

Arikok National Park

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Sure, for example in the southeast of the island. Arikok National Park is home to ancient cave paintings, whimsical lava and quartz rock formations, but most importantly, amazing cactus landscapes. Our amusing ranger Rambo Flanegin warned against them during a tour. By the way, that’s the real name of this man and he has incredible knowledge about everything that crawls and flees in the national park. Be sure to ask about him, he loves people.

Favorite spot – Fish on the table

This is the most beautiful sunset spot in Aruba Zeeroverin Savaneta. The restaurant offers a mix of barefoot bar and elegant canteen. Here shrimp & chips are served in scruffy little baskets and the cold beer comes straight out of the bottle. Guests should definitely get there early in order to savor the Caribbean flair for as long as possible.

The best outing?

With the Conchi Natural Pool Aruba shows its rugged side in Arikok National Park. This spot is also known as a turtle tank (“Cura di Tortuga”). If you dare, carefully climb up and then over the bizarrely shaped volcanic rock that surrounds this natural bathtub. Then a few gasps of air are taken – and the ass bomb is set.

Connoisseur – Healthy and more colourful

Marketing pro and local patriot Paula Ochoa loves coffee at Craft, a motley eatery on Oranjestad’s bustling boardwalk. Here there are healthy caribbean food and a taco day once a week. Ochoa also loves the almost month-long carnival in Aruba: “We have the biggest parade in the entire Caribbean here!”

In strolling mode – What does the capital have to offer?

Aruba: Aruba colorful houses

Downtown Oranjestad is not for naysayers

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With almost 30,000 inhabitants, Oranjestad is a cozy little town with a beautiful marina and brightly colored gabled houses, which are also known from Amsterdam – but not in these cheerful colors. On the other days, cruise ships are washed in. Then thousands of people quickly flock to the charming little shopping streets or the luxurious Renaissance Mall. But no worry! The flood of tourists always ebbs away quickly.
A historic tram runs from the cruise terminal to the other end of the city center – every eight minutes, return, for free.

Where are the best beaches?

Especially these three beaches have a lot of fans (the order is hopped as jumped): With its picturesque Divi Divi trees, the Eagle Beach the most famous beach in Aruba. In the south is the baby beach with surreal turquoise water, in which families in particular like to bathe. Be sure to take the Rum Reef Bar with its own infinity pool with you. The three kilometer long Palm Beach on the other hand, is mainly known for bathing fun in the immediate vicinity of very, very, very many bars and restaurants. With hustle and bustle guarantee!

Scrapping bonus – What’s it like under water?

Aruba: Wreck Diving

With a maximum depth of 30 meters, the diving spots in Aruba are also suitable for beginners

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Well, it sounds scary at first: Aruba is one of the best known wreck diving areas of the world. Because planes and ships were deliberately sunk there as a new home for all kinds of sea creatures – some actually crashed off the coast. The many divers and snorkelers on Aruba are also attracted to the unusually clear and warm water, which is why the colorful splendor can be seen well under the water. More than 40 diving areas are located (mostly) in the south and west of the island.

Kitchen Latin – What is Aruba’s cuisine known for?

Aruba stands for fine dining as well as for a solid number of burger joints. Almost everywhere is getting fresher fish and seafood offered – mostly enriched with Creole aromas. Those who want to taste the local cuisine should try the typical stews and pastechis.
Cult status: the food truck “Julios Corner” –

Heart pounding – Where does it get really romantic?

Aruba: Beach


On the beach of course! There are the best conditions for your own dream wedding including honeymoon. Anyone who would like to become a yes-maker in a private atmosphere should inquire at the Art-Hippie-Resort Boardwalk Aruba.

What should I definitely not miss?

Hadicurari Beach Oha, another sandy beach to lounge on? Exactly not! This rocky section is especially popular because of its perfect conditions wind and kite surfers popular. The multiple world champion Sarah-Quita Offringa trains here.

Butterfly farm Colorful rainforest scenery with exotic flowers and trees, plus waterfalls and a swarm of butterflies – the perfect place for trips with children:

Spanish Lagoon – The island’s only lagoon: Many maritime activities such as fishing, kayaking and boat tours start here. But it is also a great place for bird watchers. The popular mangrove beach Mangel Halto is also nearby: a perfect snorkeling area.

Where is that?

The Caribbean island of Aruba is part of the former Netherlands Antilles and the ABC Islands – alongside Bonaire and Curaçao. It is only about 25 kilometers north of Venezuela. Around 110,000 people live in an area roughly twice the size of Sylt. While the official languages ​​are Dutch and Papiamento, most Aruba residents also speak English and Spanish. General Info:

getting there

With the Dutch airline KLM, flights from Amsterdam to Aruba are available all year round. klm.defrom about 600 euros


Boardwalk Boutique Hotel Almost 50 colorful casitas, two pools, exotic plants – a very personally managed facility. Kids only from 12 years. Double room from 300 euros.

Paradera Park – A family atmosphere in motel style. Everything is grouped around the chic pool, a peaceful spirit sets the mood. Double room from 200 euros.

Kamerlingh Villa – The dignified accommodation has only a few rooms, has a pretty pool and is centrally located just five kilometers by car from Oranjestad Airport. Double room from 56 euros.


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