assisted reproduction becomes free again for singles, lesbians and transgender people

The measure, which was canceled in 2014 by the right, is making a comeback in Spain. Free access to medically assisted procreation (MAP) for women “Single women, lesbians and bisexuals” was restored by the government of socialist Pedro Sanchez, the health ministry said in a statement on Wednesday (November 10th). It was also decided to “To extend it to transsexual persons in the capacity of gestation”, reports the same source.

The measure, which entered into force on Wednesday, is expected to affect some 8,500 women in Spain, according to the ministry, which welcomed a “Milestone”. This right to assisted reproduction for all has long been demanded by Spanish organizations defending the rights of LGBT people. Because since a 2014 decision by the then ruling People’s Party, assisted reproduction was only covered for heterosexual couples with fertility or medical problems. People who could not procreate without ART, such as single women or lesbians, therefore had to turn to the private sector.

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Update November 10 at 6:58 p.m.: title change, which mentioned “transgender persons”.

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