Attacks of November 13: a renowned surgeon sells the radio of a wounded woman

How do we get there? No respect it’s monstrous“, “The patient, coming to the hospital, confides what is most sacred to him, the action of this doctor is unspeakable!“commented some netizens.

According to Mediapart, it is a renowned orthopedic surgeon who auctioned on OpenSea the radio of a survivor of the Bataclan that he had operated on, on which we see a forearm pierced by a Kalashnikov bullet.

The surgeon acknowledged the facts to Mediapart, explaining that he had done so “in an educational vocation“and has since withdrawn the offer, but not the still visible snap on OpenSea on Sunday. Assurant”to have asked the question from an ethical point of view“, He recongnizes “the mistake” for not having asked permission from the operated patient. Below the photo, the doctor specifies that “this young patient, who lost her boyfriend in this attack, had an open fracture of the left forearm with a remaining Kalashnikov bullet in the soft tissues“.

Martin Hirsch announced his intention to report the facts to justice (in application of article 40 of the code of criminal procedure which requires each official having knowledge of an illegal act to denounce it), and to seize the council of the Order as well as “ministers with disciplinary power”.

In addition, the association of victims of November 13 Life for Paris “said in a press release”to stand by the side of the victim of the attack, who is today also the victim of the stupidity and greed of a ‘doctor’ who has visibly forgotten the code of ethics and seems devoid of both common sense and the most basic empathy“.

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