AVM FritzBox 4060: Test of the tri-band WiFi router

AVMs not only produces modem routers for DSL and cable connections, but also has a few routers without modems in its range. The older FritzBox 4040 and 4020 devices only have a low to decent performance compared to current top models such as the FritzBox 7590 AX. The FritzBox 4060 brings a breath of fresh air to AVM’s 40 series: It masters the new WLAN standard Wifi 6 (WLAN-ax) and has three radio units – two units for the 5 gigahertz frequency, each with up to 2,400 megabits per second (Mbps) and a unit for the 2.4 gigahertz frequency band with up to 1,200 Mbps. The 4060 is supposed to exchange data with a particularly large number of devices at the same time. How is it doing in the test?

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FritzBox 4060 in the test: router without modem

The FritzBox 4060 does not have an integrated modem. Instead, it lands on an existing modem (router) via a LAN cable. If you have a lame router at home, you can replace its WLAN with the AVM network in no time at all. The 4060 is also ideal for numerous fiber optic connections where there is an external modem for the Internet in the living room – here any router can be connected via network cable. The FritzBox 4060 has four LAN ports (1×2,500 Mbps for the connection to the modem and 3×1,000 Mbps for devices) as well as a USB 3.0 port for storage media and printer. In the test, the USB port achieved a good performance of an average of 36 megabytes per second (MB / s) via LAN and 39 MB / s via WLAN connection from the test computer to the router.

FritzBox 4060 in the test: telephone system included

Particularly: In contrast to most other routers without a modem, the 4060 has a fully-fledged telephone system and a DECT base for up to six cordless telephones and smart home devices. Connections for analog telephones or old ISDN systems (S0 port) are, however, not available. In combination with a FritzRepeater, mesh functions are used that always optimally connect all devices via WiFi. With the FritzRepeater 6000, which is the only AVM repeater also has three WLAN radio units with Wifi 6, a particularly powerful network is created. The power consumption of the FritzBox 4060 is relatively low: it drew 8.2 watts in the test. With a reference electricity price of 28 cents per kilowatt hour, annual costs of EUR 20.11 arise – this is very manageable given the high output.
AVM FritzBox 4060

The vertical design of the FritzBox 4060 is reminiscent of AVM’s top cable models.

How fast was the FritzBox 4060 in the test?

COMPUTER BILD recorded the WiFi speed of the router to a PC network card with WiFi 6 (two antennas) as well as to a card with the older standards WiFi 5 / WiFi-ac and WiFi 4 / WiFi-n (four antennas) – these standards uses the FritzBox 4060 namely also. The result: In none of the 16 measurement scenarios, Wifi 6 offered an advantage over the older standards – because Wifi 6 network cards and devices have so far only had a maximum of two antennas for Wifi 6. With four antennas, Wifi 5 and 4 could be used more Get out 4060. The good news: In the older standards, the new router stepped on the accelerator. At 5 gigahertz it reached an average of up to 946 Mbps, at the 2.4 gigahertz frequency up to 552 Mbps. The 4060 did not break the gigabit sound barrier like the FritzBox 6660 Cable. Overall, however, the 4060 fared significantly better across all measuring points – and also outperformed the top DSL model FritzBox 7590 AX in both frequencies.

FritzBox 4060: setup, operation, functions

As is typical for AVM, setting up and operating the FritzBox 4060 is child’s play. The test device ran with the firmware version FritzOS 7.29 – here the manufacturer has made the menu clearer than in older versions. For example, users can now find professional settings directly under the corresponding menu item and do not have to make them visible by activating the extended view. The usual good functions such as child lock, number lock and network access to connected USB hard drives are also on board with the 4060.

AVM FritzBox 4060

The FritzBox 4060 connects up to three devices via LAN cable.

FritzBox 4060 in the test: conclusion

The FritzBox 4060 does not have its own modem, but thanks to the integrated telephone system it is ideal for fiber optic connections with an external modem in the living room. Thanks to three WLAN radio units and a lot of speed, it can quickly supply numerous devices with data at the same time. The smart mesh functions automatically optimally connect devices to the router.

FritzBox 4060: price and release

The FritzBox 4060 is now available in stores. The cheapest offers on the Internet are still in line with AVM’s recommended retail price: The router currently costs 259 euros (as of January 11, 2022).

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