Battlefield 2042: the Regeneration map, 3 new weapons and improvements coming with Season 5: New Dawn

There Season 4 of Battlefield 2042 launched earlier this year is expected to be the last introducing a new Specialistbut not the ultimate. DICE promised us a Season 5 with a map original, which he now fully details a few days before its launch, dated June 7, 2023.

There Season 5 will therefore be called New Dawn and add the map Regeneration, taking us to a battlefield in the Czech Republic, near an abandoned industrial factory where nature reclaims its rights. It also expands the arsenal with thee bolt action rifle XCE-Barassault rifle GEW-46 and the mighty high-caliber gun BFP.50, as well as bounce grenades, anti-tank grenades and mini-grenades. Free cosmetic content can also be unlocked, but also paid content via the Premium Battle Pass.

The experience will finally be optimized with an overhaul of vehicle equipment, new weapon stations using thermal technologies and heavy anti-aircraft guns, weapons of the Chest and a reworked version of the map hourglass. All this is staged and detailed in the videos of this article. And for those who doubt it, good news: the developers confirm that this Season 5 won’t be the last.

For latecomers, DICE also launched an edition Elite digitalincluding the basic version of Battlefield 2042the hardware kit Exodus including 10 weapons and vehicles to use directly, as well as an epic cosmetic pack Lost World including specialist set Abandonmentthere skin vehicle Hungry Vulture and the skin weapon Banishment. Battlefield 2042 is currently available from €19.27 on

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