Berlin: Men save 44-year-olds from the S-Bahn rolling in at the last second

Berlin-Adlershof: 44-year-old falls into the S-Bahn track: two men save his life at the last second

After a 44-year-old suffered a dizzy spell and fell into the track bed, two passers-by did not hesitate for a second. Although the S-Bahn is already rolling into Berlin-Adlershof, they jump into the track and save the unconscious man at the last second.

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Rescue comes at the last second. Last Friday morning, a 44-year-old fell on the train tracks due to a dizzy spell Berlin-Adlershof, such as the “ Daily mirror“reported. He stayed according to statements the police initially lie when the S-Bahn rolled up.

Two men out Iraq and Syria saw the man fall into the tracks and immediately jumped off, regardless of the train arriving.

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Men drag man into emergency bay and save his life

They pulled the 44-year-old into the emergency bay under the platform and were able to save him. Although the S-Bahn braked immediately, it only came to a stop behind the men. The 44-year-old was taken to hospital with head injuries, the two helpers were uninjured, according to the newspaper.

With regard to this case, however, the Federal Police emphasizes that nobody should put themselves in danger. Advice on how to behave properly in such critical situations without putting yourself at risk is provided by the Federal Police on their website.

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