Bloated stomach ? These 10 foods to eat more often will help you

Exit the miracle pills and overpriced creams to have a flat stomach. Here are 10 particularly formidable foods to deflate the belly.

Blocked transit (constipation), excessive fermentation, bloating, meals taken too quickly… There are several phenomena that can explain swelling in the stomach. As a first solution, you will obviously be advised to eat a balanced diet, which translates into the consumption of a generous amount of fiber (fruits and especially vegetables), as well as a protein intake, but also carbohydrates and fats (from reasonable way but it is necessary).

But there are some foods that are more effective than others in keeping your stomach flat. Here are 10 that you can find very easily and that will be of great help in your daily diet.

Along with these tummy-friendly foods, there are also things to avoid and foods to avoid in your quest for a flatter tummy. Thus, it is advisable to minimize the consumption of frozen drinks and raw vegetables, and to stop using sweeteners. Food recommendations and prohibitions that you can find in the recipe book below.


It naturally cuts hunger, helps digestion and losing weight.

> It drains the liver, kidneys and intestines, limits flatulence and bloating, acts as an intestinal antiseptic.
How ? Fresh or in the form of essential oil, as an aromatic, inhalation or infusion.
With precautions, however, when it comes to essential oil, in this case it is necessary to be vigilant about the dosage and prohibit its use for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and children.


Or the satiating and passable snack if you are not too careful about the glycemic index. This grain of popcorn, which is obtained simply by heating it in a pan, provides fiber and even vitamins.
But it should be eaten without added sugar or caramel, or too salty, and paired with fresh fruit or plain yogurt, for example, to lower its GI by 85 (source:

> It is a whole grain without fat. Source of fiber and antioxidant, it is good for you.
How ? By forgetting that of the cinema, the aperitif department and the one that can be made in the microwave. We choose it homemade and lightly flavored. It would be too easy otherwise.

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It is satiating, low in calories, and in juice form has a laxative effect (well, sure, enjoying beet juice takes practice!).

To learn more about beets (with recipes), read our article.

> It is rich in protein and fibre.
How ? Raw or cooked, in juice form, as a starter or side dish.
Its leaves are also eaten, like spinach.

Cayenne pepper

It provides a feeling of satiety and accelerates the burning of calories. On the other hand, if your belly swells due to irritated intestines, avoid eating more spicy foods, as this could accentuate the inflammation.

> The capsaicin it contains stimulates fat-burning hormones, thus accelerating the burning of calories.
How ? Like a classic spice, to enhance your dishes. Or sprinkle in a glass of hot or cold water. Cayenne pepper is also found in capsule form.

pineapple stem

It is what promotes the digestion of proteins, accelerates transit, produces a diuretic effect and acts directly on cellulite tissue.

> Thanks to the enzyme it contains: bromelain.
How ? Mixed or whole (with the rest of the pineapple of course, not the stem alone). But beware, the flesh of the pineapple is also sweet…

The melon

It satiates, has a laxative effect, boosts transit and limits storage.

> Its high water, potassium and mineral content.
How ? As a granita, as a starter or dessert.
Warning: Be careful not to (too often) mix melon, fat and protein. The marriage of the three greatly slows down digestion and can cause bloating.

The lemon

It gives a boost to transit, helps digestion, stimulates the stomach and the liver, acts as a real appetite suppressant and slows down the arrival of fats and sugars in the body.

> Thanks to its pectin, citric acid and vitamin C.
How ? Squeezed in juice, or infused whole in hot water.


Rich in fiber – laxative effect in addition – and satiating, they are slimming allies with their relatively low glycemic index (and allow you to sweeten naturally without adding refined sugar) and flat stomach for their effect on transit. People suffering from constipation will find in him a real ally!

> Its fibers carry waste from other foods, its sugars ferment in the digestive system, boosting transit and promoting elimination.
How ? In infusion, mixed, on their own.


From the same vegetable family as spinach, half legume, half cereal, quinoa is very interesting nutritionally speaking, very rich in potassium and magnesium.

> Satisfying, quinoa provides vegetable proteins and fibres. In addition, it is renowned for its good digestibility. Which clearly means that our intestine tolerates it very well, without swelling.
How ? It can be eaten hot with a drizzle of olive oil or a tomato sauce, or cold in a salad.

green tea

In general, green tea is the slimming reflex that must be adopted. It promotes the loss of weight and abdominal fat. But of course, it is in no way a magic food, you will have to make some effort (activity and food balance)!

> Rich in catechin (antioxidant) and theine, it acts against fats and increases energy expenditure, thus helping the body to burn them. It is also diuretic and promotes the elimination of toxins.
How ? In the form of an infusion.

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