Brigitte books – the podcast for bookworms!

BRIGITTE books – the literature podcast with the BRIGITTE book experts

Over 70,000 books appear in Germany every year. To cut a path through this reading jungle, Angela Wittmann and Meike Schnitzler read hundreds of books – their absolute favorites are presented in this podcast

Every two weeks Angela Wittmann and Meike Schnitzler look for the best new publications for the BRIGITTE culture magazine. Since they take turns, it is also exciting for them to learn what each other has found for exciting, engaging, touching and funny books. Sometimes there is a little jealousy. Time to talk! And that's what Angela Wittmann and Meike Schnitzler do in their new podcast BRIGITTE books. Everyone brings their absolute favorites from the past few weeks, they also tell of their encounters with authors and take a look behind the scenes of the literary business.

The prelude to BRIGITTE books is about the best two novels of spring about growing up. Meike Schnitzler brought David Nicholls' novel "Sweet Sorrow" with him: In 1997, boy from difficult backgrounds met confident middle-class girl in a theater project. In his fourth novel, the bestselling author turns this tight constellation into a gorgeous coming-of-age story. It tells of a time in life in which everything seems possible, in which a summer lasts forever – and the great love determines even longer. Angela Wittmann is enthusiastic about Thomas Brussig's “The Transformed”: Fibi and Aram were puberty before they came out as raccoons after a “challenge” in the wash of a tank on the flat land. What comes next is an animal-funny and very snappy satire on human nature and the hunger of social and other media for "Racoon Content".

The upcoming episodes feature Kiran Millwood Hargrave's captivating historical novel "Vardø – After the Storm", Anne Tyler's somewhat different family story "The Meaning of the Whole", and Ann's spectacular rediscovery of "The Street" Petry and the Western "Herzland" by Téa Obdreh.

And where can I hear the podcast?

Here are BRIGITTE books: You can listen to the podcast on AudioNow, Spotify and iTunes. Have a listen to the trailer!