Britta Heidemann: Dear off! The Olympic champion is single again

Britta Heidemann
Olympic champion split up after two years

Matthias Dolderer and Britta Heidemann.

© Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images

Sad news from Britta Heidemann: After two years of relationship, the athlete is now announcing the end of love. Only last year her son saw the light of day.

This separation came as a surprise! Britta Heidemann, 38, is single again after two years of relationship. Only last year the fencer surprised everyone with great baby news and gave birth to her first son. The little one’s father is aerobatic pilot Matthias Dolderer, 51. In November 2019, the couple made their love official. Now they are going their separate ways again.

Britta Heidemann: She announces her separation

The sportswoman now announces the failure of their relationship. “Unfortunately, our ideas about a common future could not be brought together. Even if it is a shame: In the end it is better to go separate ways,” she confirmed to “Bild”. But the two want to continue to be there for their son. “Of course, as the parents of our son, we will continue to communicate and be there for the little one full of love at all times,” said the 38-year-old.

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“I’m looking forward to everything that comes”

The single mother does not seem to be in a sad mood. But on the contrary. “I’m looking forward to everything that comes next,” said the athlete. After all, she has won three Olympic medals: Then she will certainly master this task well.

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