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Yes, Christmas is celebrated on December 24. But the Christmas spirit also begins in anticipation of D-Day. So once Halloween is over, while all eyes start to turn to Christmas, its toy catalogs and its preparation of the tree, how can we keep our little bits of Christmas? cabbage while waiting for the big day and the arrival of Santa Claus? Here is a selection of children’s advent calendars for you.

The advent calendar, where does it come from?

The word “advent” means the coming, the coming. The advent time on which the advent calendar is based has a religious origin. It designates the weeks leading up to Christmas from the first Sunday of Advent (which takes place between late November and early December) until Christmas Eve.

The advent calendar originates from Germany. It has a religious origin. The first “advent calendars” are believed to have appeared in the 19th century. They did not exist in the present form at all, but it was customary to offer children a godly image every morning for the 25 days leading up to Christmas. This expectation symbolizes, on a children’s scale, the expectation of the birth of Jesus on December 25.

In 1908, a Munich publisher of medical books was the first to sell a pre-Christmas calendar made up of colorful drawings.

In 1920 it is the appearance and the marketing of the first advent calendar as we know it today: with small doors or windows to be opened every day. Behind these doors, religious quotes from the bible, the Gospels.

It was in 1958 that we can find for the first time little chocolate surprises well hidden in their calendar box.

Originally, the advent calendar had 22 to 28 windows, the number varying from year to year.

The current advent calendar has 24 or 25 boxes numbered from 1 to 25 and to be opened from December 1st until Christmas Day (the 24th or the 25th depending on the calendars).

It is only very recently that the advent calendar has adopted new, more playful and amusing forms (garland, tree, sock, etc.) and it is also in recent years that kinds of Various calendars which no longer offer sentences from the Gospels or chocolates but rather surprises, gifts and other products and toys intended for children, believers or not.

Why choose an advent calendar for my child?

Quite simply because it’s not just adults who love surprises. So before putting gifts under the tree to spoil the children, why not offer them an advent calendar this year specially designed for them to wait until the end of the year holiday period and more particularly until the end of the year. ‘at Christmas ?

What’s on an Advent Calendar for Kids ?

For children, there is no question of tea bags, herbal teas, beauty products, mignonettes or even fragrant candles. For children we sometimes find chocolates, (chocolate is a safe bet) but more often we can discover in these advent calendars specially designed for them surprises, small gifts to discover, assemble, build . These products are wisely stored in their little box to be opened every day. 24 or 25 boxes for as many surprises which can be figurines of heroes or animals, but also puzzles, stationery accessories, creative activities, small decorations, games, cars …

So, of course, you can opt for a classic advent calendar that contains little chocolates. It’s timeless and always appreciated … Or you may prefer to turn, for this year, to an original advent calendar with little toys in it. We have selected the coolest and craziest for you. The hardest part will be choosing. We bet your kid will love them.

Advent calendars for exceptional children

And the least we can say is that there is something for all ages: from toddlers to teenagers but also for all tastes. Lovers of figurines, constructions, creative activities, plasticine or stories that make you dream. Everyone can find the perfect advent calendar there. Playmobil, VTech, Lego, Funko Pop, Harry Potter, Star Wars and for this Christmas 2021: Barbie!

Advent calendars for children are also available at all prices. So whatever your budget, you should find the surprise calendar full of products that will make your child happy before gift time under the tree.

How do I do with my advent calendar and my child?

A calendar is a way to calmly and calmly await Christmas and the end of the year celebrations. It is also a very practical product to measure the time which passes and the time which remains before the big day and the arrival of Santa Claus.

Once the calendar has been chosen with your child (or bought as a first surprise) and offered, you can explain to them that there are some rules to follow with it. First of all, tell him that this calendar will accompany him until Christmas Day and that for each day he has to wait before Christmas he can open a box or a box in his calendar.

Show him that each box has a number written on it and that he must first find the box that corresponds to the day before he can open it and discover the surprise it contains. And above all, we do not cheat. We open only one box per day (because even if we open several, Santa Claus will not arrive any faster.)

Then he can have fun with his toy at leisure, surprise him, prepare his magic trick, invent stories with his animals, operate his tut tut car … in short, enjoy his gift … while waiting to discover the next in his little surprise box the next day.

A word of advice: offer the advent calendar on December 1, the day the first box opens. This will avoid the frustration of the child if he has to wait many days before he can finally discover his daily gifts.

And at home, what is your child’s favorite advent calendar? The Lego calendar whether it is the Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lego Friends or City version or are you more Playmobil and its calendar for toddlers? Unless you prefer to collect small figurines with Funko calendars?

With these calendars, they’re going to be so spoiled before their time that you’re even going to wonder what even cooler you can get them for Christmas.

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