Christine Kelly forever marked by the loss of her twins: Current Woman Le MAG

With nearly 500,000 viewers in front of their stations each evening, Christine Kelly is enjoying great success on C8, with its broadcast Face the info. Since its creation, the program has however sparked heated controversy due to the presence on the set of the very controversial Éric Zemmour. Indeed, in 2019, the former chronicler ofWe are not lying had been sentenced by the courts for "incitement to racial hatred " following comments made in C to you sure France 5. For this reason, many personalities had also decided to boycott the program, like the feminist activist Caroline de Haas, the historian Laurence de Cock or even Valérie Trierweiler. Christine Kelly is said to have received death threats, being accused of supporting the words of the editorial writer.

6-month pregnant, Christine Kelly loses her twins

These repeated criticisms play on the morale of the former member of the CSA, who recently declared on Twitter to be "psychologically exhausted". Because in the life of Christine Kelly, everything is far from easy. In the columns of Paris Match, the journalist returned to her childhood, marked by violence. "In the sun, the blows rain, she says. My mother hits me. For a yes, for a no. A badly washed plate or an insufficient grade in school. Always 25 belt strokes. Anywhere on the body. (…) I feel abandoned or sequestered according to the moments."Somehow, Christine Kelly had managed to make her way in the media, first in Guadeloupe then in the Southwest and finally in Paris. But in 2001, a new drama struck the journalist and her companion at the time, Pierre. 6 months pregnant, she lost her twins. "It was a painful experience and I divorced, because I saw in my husband the presence of these children. Being a believer, I knew that God had another plan for me ", she revealed in an interview with Public, spotted by our colleagues from Gala. And obviously, the journalist was not mistaken. In 2015, she adopted a little girl named Léa.

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