Cinema quiz: which films are behind these concepts?

Groundhog Day was released in theaters on Wednesday. The opportunity to ask questions about concept films. We give you the concept, it’s up to you to find the film!

Endless Day was released in theaters this Wednesday. In this Harold Ramis-directed concept film, Bill Murray plays Phil, a cynical weatherman doomed to relive Groundhog Day over and over again. An event celebrated on Candlemas Day in the United States.

Since this film many filmmakers have taken up the idea of ​​the time loop. Whether in horror films (Triangle), science fiction films (Source Code, ARQ…) or even romantic comedies like the recent Palm Springs.

Can you find the titles of these films based on their concept?

Did you know ?

  • The “Groundhog day festival” really exists, as well as a “Groundhog club”, however for the purposes of the film the shooting did not take place in Punxsutawney but in Woodstock, Illinois.
  • The original title of the film is: “Groundhog Day”. And marmots, Bill Murray is not ready to forget them. Indeed, the actor will have been bitten twice by these charming little beasts during the filming!
  • Third pillar of the team of ghost hunters in Ghostbusters, Harold Ramis goes behind the camera and offers great roles to his accomplices, including that of Phil in Groundhog Day, to Bill Murray. But the scenario does not please the actor who becomes irritable and does not hesitate to call Ramis at any time of day or night. In the midst of a divorce at the time of filming, Bill Murray is easily irritated. When Harold Ramis tries to give him scenic explanations Bill Murray interrupts him and asks him: “Just tell me: nice Phil or mean Phil?“. After the film, Murray and Ramis stopped talking to each other for many years. They only reconciled in 2013, a year before the director’s death.

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