“Come armed” – Fatal police shots: Explosive details from the act

Now there are new explosive details about the fatal police shots that an officer fired in Burgenland at the beginning of January. The man killed (55) attacked his wife and then an officer with a machete before the officer fired the fatal shots.

“Come armed, prepare your officers for an angry monkey, I would advise you to do so,” is how the police were warned and alerted after the violent family dispute, according to the file. Due to the explosive statements made in the attacker’s emergency call, according to lawyer Nikolaus Rast, he “expressed his intention to die twice to the emergency call officials.” “And if it costs me my life…” “My wife expressed the wish to see the police, and I will fulfill her wish. And if it costs me my life, which will certainly be the case,” was the attacker’s first statement in the emergency call. And further: “The monkey chops wood, works in the garden, is a landscape gardener, has no weapons, but tools, lots of them, and he is dangerous, militant, highly dangerous towards men. Maybe send a company, that might be a good idea, yes, but don’t count on being able to talk to me rationally at this moment. No, that is absolutely impossible.” However, the police officers themselves are said to have only received the information “family dispute”. Police officer fired three targeted shots. The violent family dispute had broken out in Bad Sauerbrunn near Mattersburg. When the alerted police took action against the alleged perpetrator, he is said to have attacked an officer with a machete. The police initially asked the attacker to put down the weapon and cooperate, but to no avail. After several warning shots, a total of three targeted shots were fired – the attacker died. According to the lawyer, the police officer acted correctly in the situation. “Not the slightest error can be seen in the behavior of my client, but also of his colleague on site. My client was confronted with a person who wanted to be killed. However, my client was not informed of this fact,” said Rast.
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