Commitment to paid parental leave: Duchess Meghan calls US senators

Commitment to paid parental leave
Duchess Meghan calls US Senators

Duchess Meghan is increasingly devoting herself to political projects.

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In a letter in October, Duchess Meghan spoke out in favor of paid parental leave. She confirmed her request on the phone.

Last month, Duchess Meghan (40, “The Bench”) caused a sensation in the USA with a political demand. In an open letter to two high-ranking politicians, she spoke out in favor of introducing paid parental leave. As the daily newspaper “Politico” reports, the wife of Prince Harry (37) is now continuing her ambitious commitment on the phone.

“This is Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex”

Accordingly, Meghan got the private numbers of several senators, regardless of which political camp they belong to. One of them: Shelley Moore Capito, 67, a Republican from the state of West Virginia. She was driving in her car when she received a call with a suppressed number. “This is Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex,” said the former actress (“Suits”). “I couldn’t find out how she got my number,” said the 67-year-old.

Capito’s party friend Susan Collins (68) from Maine also reported to “Politico” about a so-called “cold call” from the Duchess. “I was happy to talk to her,” emphasized the 68-year-old. However, she is “more interested in what the people of Maine tell me” about paid parental leave. Meghan called her on her private phone, but at the same time introduced herself as the “Duchess of Sussex”, which the politician described as “kind of ironic”.

Will she be part of a political working group?

As a spokeswoman for the US magazine “People” confirmed, Prince Harry’s wife received the Senator numbers from Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand (54), who represents New York State in Congress. “Politico” said the senator that she had already told some of her colleagues in advance that Meghan would call. “She wants to be part of a working group to fight for paid parental leave over a longer period of time,” said the 54-year-old. “And she will.”


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