Corona current: Man goes to work extra with corona symptoms

“I will infect you all with the virus”
Man goes to work extra with corona symptoms

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He had clear corona symptoms – and still went to work. As a result, one man infected a total of 22 people with the corona virus.

For over a year, people have been trying to do everything possible to protect themselves and others from the corona virus. However, there still seem to be parts of the population who are not taking the pandemic seriously. A case from Mallorca shows what consequences this behavior can have.

“I will infect you all with the coronavirus”

A man had typical corona symptoms there: According to RTL, he complained of a cough and fever that even rose to 40 degrees. Even so, he continued to go to work – aware of the fact that he could endanger other people there.

Although his superiors and colleagues expressly asked the 40-year-old to go home, he refused. Instead, the man is said not only to have come to work feverish, but also to have consciously played with the risk of infection. On site, he is said to have pulled down his mask, coughed and shouted “I will infect you all with the coronavirus.” A PCR test was positive – the man was actually sick with Covid-19.

The supposed fun became serious: The man infected a total of 22 people with the corona virus. There were also three babies among them, as the colleagues in turn brought the virus into their families. Thus, more and more infections could be associated with the 40-year-old.

Corona infections at work and in the gym

As the Spanish police announced according to RTL reports, the man is said to have consciously infected several people. Not only five of his direct work colleagues were infected, but also in his fitness studio, which the man continued to visit despite clear corona symptoms, he infected other people. He was then arrested for assault.

The case already occurred in January, but has only now become known in Germany. In the meantime, the man should be free again under certain conditions. How the infected are doing is unclear.

Sources used: RTL, Mallorca Magazin