Coronavirus video: counter-strategies for fear, frustration and helplessness

Contrary to what had been hoped, the number of corona cases is currently increasing. In combination with the dark season of the year, the uncertainty and the constant ups and downs in the number of cases, measures and the like make many of us very difficult. Fortunately, there are strategies against negative feelings that can help.

After the panemic began and the strict countermeasures were taken, there was great hope that the situation would improve. But the number of cases has increased extremely, especially in the last few weeks, and with it the fear of a second wave.

Anger, disappointment and fear

Psychologists report a change in sentiment among the population. Above all, frustration and disappointment with the hopeless situation dominate at the moment, and the police are also feeling this.

The dark season is a challenge for the psyche even without the coronavirus. In combination with the uncertainty of the pandemic, however, a very difficult situation arises that is mentally troubling for many of us. The result: tension increases, people withdraw. How you can help yourself now, you can find out in the video.

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