Creating 3D models from your smartphone is coming soon!

Thanks to Epic Games, the studio behind Fortnite and its Reality Scan mobile app, all you need is a simple smartphone to create 3D models and integrate them in a few moments into digital projects. A potentially indispensable tool.

Have you dreamed of incorporating the old armchair in your living room into a game or a digital universe? With Epic Games’ Reality Scan tool, reality should quickly take precedence over dreams. The new smartphone app, still in beta, aims to build 3D models of any object from a series of photos. Just take about twenty shots from all angles of the object, then wait for the digitization. Be careful, the result can be bad if the lighting is not adequate or the background is too visible.

Once the scan has been completed, it is possible to export and upload its model to Sketchfab, a 3D modeling platform, and use it directly. It can thus be integrated as a virtual reality object in different digital universes, such as video games or, why not, a metaverse. Obviously, it will be possible to use these models to make 3D prints. The program was developed with the aim of simplifying the construction process by making it accessible via a simple smartphone. However, the feedback seems convincing, even if everything is not perfect.

Bridging the gap

In its press release, Epic Games highlights a growth in demand for its tools: “As more creators and hobbyists embrace 3D photogrammetry, we want to make our technology even more accessible so everyone can incorporate ultra-detailed digital models of real-world objects into their virtual projects. Today marks another exciting step in that direction.”

This new tool could also bridge a gap between beginners and professionals. More and more industries and companies are looking for these possibilities to integrate them into communication campaigns or to make concrete use of them in digital universes. To benefit from this new tool, you will have to wait since the 10,000 places open for the private beta have already found takers. However, the Capturing Reality company assures that the application will probably be available as early as spring.

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