Cute video: Squinting panda baby born in Berlin

A rare little panda was born in Berlin – you can see in the video why his unique look makes him so special!

It has been nine years since a specimen of the "Little Panda" genus was last born in Berlin's Tiergarten. Now the zoo proudly shows how well the offspring feel in their first few hours online

Panda in pocket format

Not to be confused with the large, black and white colored panda bears, small pandas are about the size of a raccoon and have a fluffy reddish-brown fur that ends in a bushy tail. "Joel and Shine came to us as part of a global pandas conservation program (GSMP) and brought 'fresh genes' of these rare animals to Europe," said Dr. Andreas Knieriem opposite the "Bild". "I am pleased that the two have settled in so well and that we can now sensitize even more people with the cute offspring to protect this highly endangered species."


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