Diet: The fitness programs of the stars are bearing fruit

The fitness programs of the stars are bearing fruit

Kelly Osbourne and Adele have made a great transformation.

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The stars were not idle in the Corona year 2020 and let the pounds fall off. These are the weight loss tricks from Rebel Wilson, Adele and Co.

Even if the Corona year demanded a lot from us, some stars were able to use 2020 to lose a few pounds. Celebrities like Rebel Wilson (40) and Adele (32) use very different methods.

Rebel Wilson lost 20 pounds using the Mayr Method

Australian actress Rebel Wilson ("Pitch Perfect") has named 2020 her health year. And the result is really good. The 40-year-old has now announced via Instagram story that she has reached her target weight of 75 kilos. How did she do it? Wilson followed the Mayr Method nutrition plan. Stale bread rolls and milk, Epsom salt and teas are on the "menu", and there is also a stomach massage and light physical exercise. Wilson wants to be realistic, however, as she said on the "Drew Barrymore Show": "I will never be absolutely thin, but I feel so much healthier."

Paul Janke fights his way through

Boxing through is the motto of "Ur-Bachelor" Paul Janke (39). In the show "Das große Sat.1 Promiboxen" he competed against Filip Pavlovic (28) and left after 1.30 minutes. K.o. Janke thought there was no reason to give up. In the corona pandemic, Janke is diligently modeling his body shapes on Mallorca and training for it almost daily, as the pictures on his Instagram account show. His comment: "Do another round. If you don't think you can, it will be what makes the big difference in your life."

Thorsten Legat and Armin Rhode lose weight

Thorsten Legat (52) used the corona isolation to fully concentrate on the sport. The TV star kept a strict diet and completed many workouts for a full 14 weeks. The result: steely muscles and not a single gram of fat on the body. Armin Rohde (65, "The Moving Man") is also addicted to weight loss. The actor lost a whopping twelve pounds in just over a year. A film shoot opened his eyes back then, he revealed to "Bild am Sonntag". But that's not enough for him: He has not yet reached his dream weight.

Kelly Osbourne puts on a stomach cuff

Unlike Kelly Osbourne: She is proud of her new figure. The 36-year-old wrote about a series of pictures that she shared on Instagram: "I still can't believe that this is really me in these pictures." A few months ago she had a stomach cuff inserted to help her lose weight. The result: 40 kilos of weight loss!

Adele celebrates huge success with sirtfood diet

One celebrity has caused quite a stir in the past few months. The British singer Adele (32) tumbled around 45 kilos, she presented her weight loss success on Instagram and at the end of October for the first time on TV – as the host of the US program "Saturday Night Live": "I know I look really, really different since you last saw me. But due to corona measures and travel restrictions, I had to travel alone and could only bring half of myself. And that's half for that I've made up my mind. "

So that the pounds dropped properly, the singer is said to have followed the sirtfood diet. This is similar to a low-carb diet and focuses on sirtuins, a group of seven proteins. Certain plant-based foods are intended to be consumed that contain them and that help burn fat and build muscle. These include kale, soy, chilli, walnuts, green tea, strawberries as well as red wine and dark chocolate with a high cocoa content.