Do you have weak ankles? A physiotherapist presents the ideal warm-up to reduce the risk: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

We know that physical activity is essential to staying healthy. In this Olympic year, it is drawn up as Great National Cause 2024. For the occasion, President Emmanuel Macron put on boxing gloves last January to call “to do at least 30 minutes of sport each day”.

Among the sports most popular with the French, we can note running, particularly because of its accessibility and low cost. But it can also lead to certain ankle injuries. On the social network Instagram, sports physiotherapist Quentin Soumet, also known under the nickname @quentin_rokt, shares his advice for warming up before going for a run, particularly for people with fragile ankles. “Those who have stiff ankles, it is good to have a specific warm-up”he underlines in the comments of his video.

Running: exercises to limit the risk of ankle injuries

In his short video, Quentin Soumet shares a series of exercises to do before going for a run for people with fragile ankles. This is a warm-up to put yourself in the best conditions to limit the risk of injury. In terms of duration, the specialist recommends between 10 to 15 minutes.

To begin, the physiotherapist recommends placing the tip of one of his feet on the ground and of make small circles in one direction then the other and don’t forget to do both ankles.

Then, if it is not painful, the expert advises standing straight with your feet on the ground, then holding balance on the outsides of the feet before returning to the initial posture.

Another exercise proposed by the specialist, the walk on heels. It involves balancing on the heels (without the tip of the toes touching the ground) then walking only on the tip of the toes and finally walking on the outside of the feet.

Quentin Soumet suggests making a dynamic exercise that he calls “inside out” which consists of bringing each foot together then successively apart before bringing them closer to each other. This exercise is done on tiptoes.

Among the possible exercises, that of doing “cross jumps”which consists of imagining a straight line in front of you and placing your foot on each side when running.

Finally, it is possible to make “lateral jumps” on one leg, that is to say balance on one leg and do small jumps on the spot slightly to the right and left. Don’t forget to warm up both ankles.

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