Does the F-Factor Diet Help You Lose Weight?

With the effective and at the same time balanced F-factor diet, losing weight becomes child's play! We explain why the method works.

Tired of complicated diets that end up frustrating you? Then the F-factor diet might be just right for you! The effective slimming method has had some fans for years. The reason: American Tanya Zuckerbrot's F-factor diet is based on high-fiber carbohydrates (the "F" stands for "fiber", ergo carbohydrates). The carbohydrates should consist of healthy foods like whole grains, nuts, or high fiber vegetables like carrots.

This is how the F-Factor Diet works

The most important rule of the F-Factor Diet: at least 35 grams of fiber should be eaten daily. These can be distributed as desired over the day – three main meals and a snack are recommended. In general, the amount of daily carbohydrates is reduced, similar to the classic low carb. Important here: The so-called net carb content. This means: the fiber is subtracted from the total amount of carbohydrates (the information is given in the nutrient table). Because dietary fiber has the advantage that it is hardly digested in the intestine – so it does not have to be included in the sometimes strict daily carbohydrate limit.

The F-Factor Diet is divided into three phases:

  • Phase 1: Maximum 35 grams of carbohydrates. The phase should last about two weeks – this is the time you lose the most weight.
  • Phase 2: Maximum 75 grams of carbohydrates. In this phase, which should also last about two weeks, the weight should stabilize.
  • Phase 3: A maximum of 125 grams of carbohydrates, the weight should be maintained. The phase can be continued for any length of time.

What foods can I eat while on the F-Factor Diet?

The following foods can be eaten on the F-Factor Diet, for example:

  • Whole grain products: z. B. oatmeal, quinoa, nuts, seeds, legumes
  • Fruit: z. B. apples, oranges, berries, pears
  • Vegetables: z. B. carrots, broccoli, beetroot, sweet potatoes
  • Low fat protein: z. B. fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products

In addition, you should at least drink two liters of water a day, Tea or coffee are also allowed. It is best to avoid alcohol and sweets in between.

Why Does the F Factor Diet Work?

The high amount of fiber in the diet ensures that we stay full for a long time, They also regulate the blood sugar level – this prevents cravings. With the low-carb variant, we lose a little more weight at the beginning, while the protein prevents us from losing muscle instead of fat. But be careful: the fiber intake should be increased slowly. Because if you are not used to it, digestive problems such as flatulence or constipation can occur due to increased intake.

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