DSK amateur of libertine evenings? How Anne Sinclair reacted: Current Woman The MAG

What happened in the room at the Sotifel in New York on May 11, 2011? Monday, December 7, 2020, Netflix unveils the documentary series entitled Room 2806 returning to the case between Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the maid Nafissatou Diallo who accuses him of rape. On the occasion of the publication of the feature film by Jalil Lespert, the journalist and close friend of former IMF boss Yves Derai spoke about the scandal.

Guest on the set of Do not touch My TV, the one who writes for the newspaper Forbes came back on "the charming side " of DSK and in particular the underside of his relationship with his ex-partner Anne Sinclair. "From the moment he broke his first marriage with Hélène Dumas, he became a seducer ", he began. Reminding "that the women liked it very much", Yves Derai believes that his story is that of a "fallen seducer. That is to say, at the end of the day, women liked him less. "" To satisfy his desires ", DSK would then have resorted to "by other means", among which the famous Carlton affair "so that he can have fun, have a sex life, etc. In a special setting."

Anne Sinclair in the know "private parties" by DSK?

If his reputation as a man "dredger" and his passages "in private and libertine parties" are known, Anne Sinclair "who was his wife at the time, had some kind of contract with him, a moral contract." "She knew he had a tumultuous life, but no love affair (…). She knew there were candle light dinners.", explained the journalist. However, in one of the excerpts from the documentary broadcast in TPMP, a relative of Anne Sinclair explains that the journalist knew "Perfectly he has a reputation for being a seducer. That's what she likes about him too.". While several of her friends tried to warn her, the one who animated 7 out of 7 (1984 to 1997) replied: "It is the women who provoke it". "I don't think Anne Sinclair knew the extent of her husband's experience," she concluded.

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