Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry: Will there be new pictures of Archie and Lilibet soon?

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry
Will there be new pictures of Archie and Lilibet soon?

There are only a few public pictures of Meghan’s children.

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Duchess Meghan flew a star photographer in for the photo shoot – Archie and Lilibet were apparently also in front of the camera.

Duchess Meghan (42) has apparently hired a real star photographer to be photographed for her new lifestyle brand American Riviera Orchard, which she announced last week. As the Daily Mail reports, Jake Rosenberg is said to have flown from New York to California to photograph Prince Harry’s wife (39) in their home in Montecito.

Archie and Lilibet were also in front of the camera

Pictures of Meghan cooking are said to have been taken and the two children, Archie (4) and Lilibet (2), are also said to have stood in front of the camera for some family snapshots. So can fans look forward to new photos of the two royal offspring soon? After all, Harry and Meghan have only published a few photos of their children so far.

Long-term collaboration with Jake Rosenberg

Jake Rosenberg, who originally comes from Toronto, has been in front of the lens several times. Back in June 2016, he shared a selfie with Meghan, who was still working as an actress at the time, on Instagram and wrote, “I love coming home and working with this beautiful lady.”

Also on his website The photographer published a black and white picture of Meghan, and he also mentioned her alongside stars like Oprah Winfrey (70) and David Beckham (48) in his biography. Some of the photos that Meghan published on her former blog “The Tig” also came from Rosenberg.

New photos of Archie and Lilibet coming soon?

According to an insider, the new pictures of Archie and Lilibet are not intended for the public. These are “portraits for the family”. They were not created in connection with Meghan’s new business, the Daily Mail quotes.

Meghan’s new photos should be available to see as soon as her new lifestyle brand goes live. On March 14, the Duchess made her new Instagram account and website public. It is intended to be a brand for lifestyle products such as tableware, carafes or kitchen textiles as well as delicacies.


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