Duchess Meghan on her close relationship with Princess Eugenie

“Our friend Eugenie”
Duchess Meghan has a close relationship with Harry’s cousin

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry

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Duchess Meghan gives an interview that is absolutely rare. Although Prince Harry’s wife has made public appearances from time to time in the past few months, she has never before given such intimate insights into her private life with her small family.

It’s like a small sensation: a few days ago it was surprisingly announced that Duchess Meghan, 40, would appear on “The Ellen Show”. In the talk show, which will be broadcast in the USA on November 19, 2021, the American chats in a good mood all kinds of private details, tells anecdotes from her early days as an actress and even surprises with a new photo of her son Archie, 3.

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry celebrated Halloween with Eugenie and Jack

The wife of Prince Harry, 37, has not been seen as relaxed and relaxed for a long time. In an intimate conversation with her Montecito neighbor Ellen DeGeneres, 63, she also talks about a Halloween party that she and Harry attended secretly – just a few days before their relationship should be made public. It becomes clear with which royal the couple still maintains a close relationship: Princess Eugenie, 31.

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“He visited me in Toronto and our friends, his cousin Eugenie and her current husband Jack, also came. And the four of us snuck out in Halloween costumes for a fun night of partying in the city before the world found out that we are a couple, “recalls the 40-year-old with a smile. No one recognized them as they dressed appropriately for the party’s post-apocalypse theme. “So we could just enjoy one last, fun night of party.”

The Sussexes have a close relationship with Princess Eugenie

From their little anecdote a clear message emerges: Even after the relationship between the Duke couple of Sussex and the British royal family is no longer the best after the “Megxit”, the two still see Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank, 35 as a friend. She not only congratulated Meghan on her birthday in August, but also assured her that she would support her “40×40” project.

Duchess Meghan

Prince Harry and his cousin got along brilliantly when they were children, grew up together, played together in the park and hit the slopes with the family on a skiing holiday. The fact that both had to learn early on to deal with the fact that their parents dominated the negative headlines welded the young royals even more together. “From a young age Eugenie had to deal with the embarrassing headlines about her father and mother,” the Daily Mail quoted Royal expert and author Nigel Crawthorne as saying. “Harry had to deal with some headlines as well, and the relationship between the two has been a great comfort to them.”

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