Due to a water leak, the inhabitants of this building have been deprived of an elevator for 3 months

Water damage leading to a cascade of dysfunctions. On September 30, on the ninth and last floor of the Le Vérose B tower, boulevard Hoover in Lille, a cold water pipe broke, spilling up to 10 centimeters of water in this condominium, reports the Voice of the North. The pipe could be repaired urgently by the Immo de France manager on the same day. But the flooding caused a lot of other damage, in particular to the elevator.

It alone costs 67,000 euros, for a total amount of damage estimated at 100,000 euros. “The elevator was immediately put in safety, specifies Gautier Depuille, director of the Immo de France Lille agency. Here, it is a joint ownership, and it was impossible to immediately advance the funds. insurance. “

Up to 10 floors to go up and down, several times a day

A procedure was therefore launched, but the elevator itself remained stationary, and it still is today. A relative of a resident, faced with this “unacceptable” situation, took the initiative to write to the city on December 31. He denounced the “ordeal of these poor people, who have to go up and down ten floors several times a day, by the stairs, in the worst case”.

Anissa Baderi, Deputy Housing Representative for Martine Aubry, told the manager that “the steps to resolve the problems of the building were fully underway”. “We are well aware of the difficulties caused by such a long stop for the elevator at such a height, but we are really doing the maximum. We had to carry out several expertises,” she said.

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The residents of the building obtained an agreement for the work on November 3, but the intervention did not take place until mid-December. The time to realize that new equipment had broken down during dismantling. It was therefore necessary to order electronic and mechanical parts, which will not be available immediately. “We are dependent on deadlines which are incompressible,” they lament.

Everyone is now hoping for a final repair before returning to service. “It will be January 21 at the latest,” said Gautier Depuille.

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