Elizabeth II: we shouldn’t talk about her panties

Beware of those who do not respect the discretion of the royal family. And especially that of Queen Elizabeth II. Friday, December 3, the British site the Mirror Online recalled a case for the less funny. It concerns June Kenton, boss of the luxury lingerie company Rigby & Peller. She has been in charge for years of making the sovereign’s underwear. A career which unfortunately had to come to an end because of the publication, in March 2017, of his book entitled “Storm In AD Cup”. The business manager tells us “life story (s)”, Going“from WWII to today”. For her, it is simply “Of all the amazing things that (she) had the chance to experience”, She defended. And June Kenton confides in her book in particular having adjusted the bras of a “half-dressed queen”. This is undoubtedly the comment that must have made Buckingham Palace tick, which chose to do without the services of the lingerie house.

Another book on the queen

I have never crossed the line. There is nothing bad about this book. People should read it and find out exactly what I said because it is very nice and very sweet”Pleaded June Kenton. After the Buckingham Palace decision, Rigby & Peller shared their feelings “saddened”, While reminding its customers to provide a“exemplary and discreet service”.

In September 2019, the queen’s dresser, Angela Kelly, had also released a book. But this had been authorized by Elizabeth II. This work entitled “The other side of the coin: the Queen, the dresser and the wardrobe” would be, according to another collaborator of the queen, “an unprecedented testimony to the demands of a life in the service of the monarch”. For more than twenty years, Angela Kelly has worked in the service of Her Majesty. Discreet, she had spoken only once in the press, in 2007 with the Telegraph. She was obviously full of praise for Elizabeth II: “I adore the queen and all she does (…) My job is to make her shine in the outfits she has chosen. ”

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