Ellen DeGeneres and Co .: These stars pray for New Orleans

Ellen DeGeneres and Co.
These stars pray for New Orleans

Ellen DeGeneres worries about her hometown

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Hurricane “Ida” hit the US coast with full force. Numerous celebrities pray for the state of Louisiana and New Orleans.

Hurricane “Ida” has hit the US coast. With wind speeds of up to 150 mph, the tropical storm sweeps over the state of Louisiana and its largest city, New Orleans. Numerous celebrities from the area are on social media with their thoughts with those affected.

One of them is talk master Ellen DeGeneres (63), who was born in a suburb of New Orleans. she writes on Twitter: “I think about my hometown today. Take care in New Orleans.”

Country singer Tim McGraw, 54, tweeted: “I pray for all of the people in my home state of Louisiana and for everyone on Hurricane Ida’s path. Take care” so the musician.

“May God Protect Us”

The well-known musician Harry Connick Jr. (53) also joined and turned to God via Twitter: “I pray for my beloved homeland and all who have been hit by the storm.”

Former NFL quarterback Drew Brees, 42, who played for the New Orleans Saints for 16 seasons, wrote on Instagram: “I pray for New Orleans and all of Louisiana during this time. May God protect us all.”

“Life-threatening storm surge”

“Ida” is a category four out of five hurricane and is rated by meteorologists as “extremely dangerous”. For New Orleans, the National Hurricane Center had announced a “life-threatening storm surge”, catastrophic gusts of wind and power outages.

Exactly 16 years ago, Hurricane Katrina raged in the same area. Around 1,800 people were killed at that time.