Ellen Pompeo: The future of the series "Grey's Anatomy" is still unclear

Ellen Pompeo
The future of the series "Grey's Anatomy" is still unclear

Ellen Pompeo has starred in "Grey's Anatomy" from the start.

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Will the "Grey's Anatomy" series be continued or discontinued? According to Ellen Pompeo, a corresponding decision has not yet been made.

For 16 years now, Ellen Pompeo (51, "Catch Me If You Can") has played the lead role of Meredith Gray in the successful hospital series "Grey's Anatomy". Many fans wonder how the hit series will continue after season 17. The actress herself said on Sunday on the "Sunday Morning" show on the US broadcaster CBS that this question had not yet been clarified.

"We honestly have not yet decided," replied the 51-year-old when asked whether the series format by inventor Shonda Rhimes (51) will be continued or terminated in the future. For the actress it is about "which story" will be told: "To end such an iconic series … you know how do we do it?" Pompeo wants to "make sure that we get it right" – for her character, the series and its fans.

In an interview with "Variety" magazine last year, the series star had already indicated that the current season of "Grey's Anatomy" could be the last. Pompeo said he didn't know "when the show really" would end. And: "I am constantly fighting to ensure that the series as a whole is as good as it can be."

Meredith Gray falls ill with Covid-19 in season 17

In the United States, the 17th season of the doctor series started last November. In it, the main character Meredith Gray falls ill with the lung disease Covid-19 as a result of an infection with the coronavirus. In the last episodes broadcast so far – in the United States the season will continue from March 11 on ABC – her health deteriorated dramatically.