Escape after attack – dispute over parking space ends in Vienna with a stab in the stomach

A dispute over a parking space in Vienna-Liesing ended in a bloody way on Thursday morning. After a battle of words between two men, one of the two suddenly pulled out a knife and stabbed his opponent in the stomach before he fled. The victim was taken to the hospital.

The argument about the parking space began early in the morning and came to an abrupt end when one of the two brawlers pulled out a knife. The 41-year-old Kosovar stabbed his counterpart, a 38-year-old, and fled.

Manhunt initiated
An immediate manhunt was initiated, which quickly brought about success. Officials from the Liesing city police station were able to arrest the suspect. In the meantime, the injured 38-year-old was given first aid by the Viennese professional rescue service and then taken to hospital. Fortunately, the injuries turned out to be not too severe, and according to the police, the victim was finally released into home care.

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