“Everything collapsed”: the suicidal thoughts of Anne Roumanoff at the start of her career: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

In theater classes, every time I did skits, I was told, this is not theater … I was upset like a louse“remembers Anne Roumanoff with great hindsight in Passage of the arts, on France 5, Wednesday March 24, 2021. If the young girl that she was at the time did not make many laugh, the 55-year-old woman is now an accomplished comedian. The one who officiates on Europe 1 first became known to Michel Drucker in Roll on Sunday, show which returns on France 2 on Sunday March 28, 2021. During this open-hearted interview with Claire Chazal, the actress concedes having “suffered a lot between 12 and 22 years old “. His dream of the theater was as intense as the failures were bitter. Moreover, the one who graduated from the Institute of Political Studies in Paris missed a number of castings and auditions.

After a failure at the Conservatory, Anne Roumanoff was disillusioned: “If I throw myself under a … “

Anne Roumanoff also remembers this terrible event which almost made her give up her dreams and plans. While she puts all her energy into the entrance exam to the Conservatory, it turns out to be a fiasco. “I remember, I had a boulevard, I crossed the street, I’m not suicidal but there, all of a sudden, I said to myself: ‘If I throw myself under a …’ I wouldn’t have done it, but there was still something. Everything collapsed “ she says, not without pain. A thought that contrasts with the joyful attitude that the ex-wife of Philippe Vaillant exudes on stage. Fortunately, the passion was stronger than anything else. The young girl persevered at first and then shone. And to add: “For me it was an absolute necessity to go on stage, it was not a small desire, no. It was vital and maybe that’s also why it worked. I had difficulties like everyone else, but it was as if, suddenly, I had found my place“. Since then, she has had a series of projects: on the radio, on television or on stage. In her 35-year career, Anne Roumanoff has appeared in seventeen shows, including several Olympia.

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