Ex-world champion receives a penalty: Vettel falls far behind even before the start

Ex-world champion receives a fine
Vettel falls far behind even before the start

Sebastian Vettel has remained without Formula 1 points four times in a row. And the chance that things will go better at the US Grand Prix decreases enormously even before the first few meters. Because the Aston Martin driver has to accept a penalty that is inevitable.

Sebastian Vettel trained his fine motor skills at XXL-Jenga with Mick Schumacher, the four-time Formula 1 world champion casually threw a few baskets in shorts in mild Texas – nothing unsettled the Germans during his first appearance in the Austin paddock. After all, Vettel doesn’t have much to lose at the US Grand Prix anyway.

“It will be a difficult weekend,” said Vettel. Changing the engine on his Aston Martin greatly reduces the chances of a top result. Vettel will be in the race on Sunday (9 p.m. / Sky and in the live ticker at ntv.de) set back, it is already the fourth drive unit this season. “We get a penalty,” said Vettel. The 34-year-old has been without points for four races. Sometimes there was no more to get in the racing car of the British luxury brand, but most recently Vettel gambled himself away in the rain of Istanbul. That he will make it back into the top ten this time is all the more questionable because of the sanction.

But whether at the end of the starting grid or somewhere in the middle, the assessment of the overall situation is the same and not new: Even before the 17th joint race, they are far from the aspiration that the Vettel and Aston Martin team has. What remains is the hope of improvement in the coming year – and individual successes until the end of the season.

Despite the circumstances, Vettel did not want to rule out a successful race in Austin. The Circuit of the Americas offers overtaking opportunities and is therefore “a good place” for an engine penalty. “I think we can be strong. How strong? We will see,” said Vettel: “I hope that it will be an entertaining Sunday and that we can get involved.”

Aston Martin wants to be at the forefront at some point. The British are recruiting respected specialists from the competition, they are expanding their team and building a new high-tech factory in Silverstone. “There are exciting times ahead,” said Vettel, who will probably no longer reap the full benefits of this work himself as a driver.

Back then, June 17, 2007

This is one of the reasons why it was worth taking a look back before the start of training in the USA. Around June 17, 2007. “It was a long time ago,” said Vettel. The Formula 1 career of the future four-time world champion began in Indianapolis: “The course there is not very exciting, but for me it is of course special memories.” As seventh in the qualification and eighth in the race, he indicated his great potential.

The Austin premiere nine years ago is also remembered by Vettel. A “crazy place” is Texas, where, like in the USA in general, “everything is a bit bigger”. “I thought it was a bit strange the first time, but then I quickly fell in love with Austin. The track is fun. After one lap you look forward to the next.” That is all the more true when it comes to catching up from the back of the field.

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