Fabien Haimovici: Nagui reveals the funny reason for his absence: Current Woman The MAG

Loyal viewers of Do not forget the lyrics religiously follow the adventures of the show's maestros from Monday to Saturday from 6:40 p.m. The catchy music, Nagui's good humor … they like everything. But they are also numerous to watch the program to find their favorite singers: Magali Ripoll and Fabien Haimovici. Monday February 8, 2021, the latter was unfortunately missing. In order to avoid questions from fans, Nagui therefore decided to reveal the reason for his absence… in its own way."Fabien returned to finish his back hair removal because he has serious hair problems on his back. So tonight, you will be supported by Magali and by Mr. Damien", he explained with humor.

Fabien Haimovici did on his side not yet mentioned his absence on his social networks, but had already expressed himself after having disappeared for a while from the air in December 2020. Internet users were indeed worried not to see him return: "It's good Fabien can come back now, it's starting to take a long time", "When is Fabien coming back? That's a long time ”,“ Where is Fabien? ”,“ I prefer Fabien's voice, when does he come back? ”,“ Still no Fabien ”,“ Fabien is missing a lot ”, they wrote. Asked by TV-Leisure, the musician had explained: "Some thought I was sick, but no: I went to rehearse with Bénabar ". Because Fabien Haimovici also works with the 51-year-old singer-songwriter.

Fabien Haimovici will certainly be absent for a long time

Knowing that the public of Do not forget the lyrics noticed that he was not there, however, boosted the morale of Fabien Haimovici. "It's nice! It flatters the ego a little. It's nice to feel loved and to miss people ", he confided before adding, touched: "Some people have the impression that I was away for a long time, but you have to know that it was just time for a day of filming! Like we shoot 14 shows in a dayAt the end of the day, it was a little over a week away from the air. " Viewers will therefore certainly have to wait a while before seeing him again on France 2 …

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