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Fabienne Carat is one of the flagship actresses of the soap More beautiful life on France 3. Its notoriety means that it is followed by more than 253,000 subscribers. To delight her fans, the superb actress regularly posts content on her page. So, Fabienne Carat shared a photo of her with embossed hair 20 years ago, on the occasion of its 40th anniversary. She even posted a video on which she appears in close-up without makeup, to encourage fans at the start of containment. Fabienne Carat has forged a special bond with its 253,000 subscribers. Most recently, she shared a photo with perfect smoothing and a somewhat special accessory for the resumption of the shooting of More beautiful life, and she even posted a photo of herself with her sister Carole 15 years ago, to celebrate the latter's birthday!

Fabienne Carat blonde: would you have recognized her?

On his last publication, Fabienne Carat poses with a amazing dress look and very unusual coloring. Indeed, the beautiful is blonde. Exit the rejuvenating curly square brown, she go platinum blonde, a very clear coloration compared to that which it usually wears. But rest assured, this is a wig! Fabienne Carat has this hair look for a good cause, since she poses for her charity calendar. In addition to being an actress and author, Fabienne Carat is involved with the association Rose Up, which fights against female cancers. It lends itself to play and adopts totally different looks depending on the month : here she is in sexy platinum blonde cowgirl with mini-shorts and a short shirt that highlights her flat stomach for the photo of June, but she appeared with dreadlocks, a red hair or a rock look with short hair and Amy Winehouse makeup on other months of the year. Everything suits him! You like ?

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