Faustine Bollaert moved to tears by the story of a 19-year-old homeless man in It starts today (VIDEO)

On January 10, 2022, Faustine Bollaert could not restrain her emotion in It starts today on France 2 after listening to the testimony of Bilel, a young man of 19, homeless.

A moving testimony. January 10, 2022, Faustine Bollaert received three guests on the set of It starts today on France 2, all came to tell how they experienced their passage in the street, without a fixed address, when they were between 16 and 20 years old. Among them, Bilel, a young man placed in a nursery at the age of three months and then from home to home in adolescence. “My mother had alcoholism problems and my father passed away very early”, said the 19-year-old. A story that seized the host, herself a mother of two children, who had reserved a nice surprise for her guest. In the middle of the show, the young man received a visit from Nawell, a friend who was one of the first to bring her out of hell on the streets.

Faustine Bollaert upset by Bilel’s story

“She was always there, and she still is today, which proves that she is my big sister”, Bilel said, overwhelmed by the arrival of his friend. And the latter to speak: “Anything is possible. He’s going to be okay, I’m going to be okay and together we’re going to change things. No one will stop us. I dare you to stop us, I swear. We can’t wait for whatever will happen, we have faith“, Nawell chanted, eliciting tears from his friend, sitting next to him. Faustine Bollaert, she gasps : “Good … well, pfff!”, she only added, her eyes clouding with tears.

“You restore faith in humans …”

The presenter of It starts today So turns to Natacha EspiĆ©, the show’s psychologist, for some comfort: “How are you ?” And she responds timidly with a nod, also having her throat tied. “You upset us”, declared Faustine Bollaert, showing with one hand the binomial of Bilel and Nawell. “Yes, that’s it … We could say so many things, it’s so moving”, only let Natacha EspiĆ© escape. And to conclude: “You restore faith in humans …”

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