France: inflation maintains its pace in December, at 2.8% over one year

Consumer prices in France maintained an increase of 2.8% over one year in December (AFP / Archives / Aurore MESENGE)

The consumer price index rose 2.8% over one year in December, the same rate as in November, INSEE reported on Tuesday in a first provisional estimate.

The prices of manufactured products and food have accelerated significantly but those of energy slowed with an increase of 18.6% over one year, after an increase of 21.6% the previous month, detailed the institute. .

Food prices rose 1.4% in December, and fresh produce 3.3%, while those of manufactured goods rose 1.2%.

Services, for their part, saw their prices rise by 1.8% over one year.

Over one month, the rise in consumer prices fell to 0.2%, after 0.4% in November, thanks to a decline in energy prices in the wake of those of petroleum products.

Still over one month, the prices of manufactured products were stable while those of services and food saw their increase accelerate, according to these provisional figures.

Finally, the harmonized consumer price index (HICP), calculated differently and which serves as a basis for comparison at European level, rose 3.4% in December over one year, as in the previous month.

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