Fritz Strobl is a customer – Villach “owl eggs” for the artful Easter celebration

Ten years ago, Horst Tschachler from Villach started making artistically painted stone owls. For a few years now, the artistically talented 78-year-old has also had Easter eggs with an owl motif in his range. His customers include the ski legend Fritz Strobl and the Seestuben wellness hotel.

The idea of ​​making painted stone owls came to Tschachler about ten years ago. Since then he has been regularly in the old Schütt near Arnoldstein to look for suitable stones. “The stones have to be fairly smooth so that the acrylic paints will hold and I can attach brackets to stand on. My biggest owls are 70 centimeters tall and weigh 60 kilos,” reveals the amateur artist, who has been painting watercolors for 40 years. After the brush work, the stone owls are varnished with synthetic resin varnish so that they are better protected and rainproof. Order artistic Easter eggs by phone I dedicate myself to the same care Tschachler in the Easter season the artistic eggs: “On average, I work an hour and a half on an Easter egg. My partner Gisela helps me cut out the felt parts and attach the ribbons.” Anyone interested in Easter owl eggs or steep owls can reach the Villach artist by telephone on 0650/6080433. Fritz Strobl and the Villacher Seestuben have already struck.
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