Hairbrush Mistake: This is actually how we should hold our brush

Hairbrush Trick
That’s why you should hold your brush vertically when combing

comb hair properly

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February 8, 2022

Hairbrush mistake we’ll never make again from now on

Who wouldn’t want it: radiantly beautiful hair, healthy and without split ends. What are we doing about it? some! Hair masks, conditioner, sun protection, less hair washing, little heat… But there’s one hair care trick we’ve always gotten wrong – and it’s so easy to implement. In order to be able to gently brush out small knots and tangles from the hair, the bristles should ideally be arranged straight, i.e. in uniform rows – not offset – in the brush. However, a glance at the brush reveals that the bristles of many brushes are not arranged in the same way in both directions. Therefore, instead of holding the brush horizontally, you must run it vertically through the hair. This is how the individual strands slide gently through the brush and the hair structure is protected.

February 7, 2022

We predict: bow-tie pumps will be a big thing in 2022. They’re already ubiquitous on Instagram and current fashion shows, so it’s guaranteed that your wardrobe will soon be unimaginable without them. Whether as a sweet embellishment on the toe of a shoe like at Mach & Mach or on the straps of Jimmy Choo heels – pumps now need an extra wide, decorative bow. The playful detail made of silk or shimmering materials such as rhinestones is not only an extraordinary eye-catcher, but also visually elongates the foot and gives every wearer a real Cinderella moment.

Don’t feel like spending a ton of money on the trend? Then the motto is: just do it yourself! Because the chic bow-tie shoes do not require a design degree or expensive materials, just a scarf and appropriate pumps that you would like to dress up.

Now you proceed as follows: Simply wrap a scarf of your choice (scarves with a logo or a striking print are particularly cool here) completely around the ball of your foot and then slip directly into your favorite heels. Then knot both ends of the scarf and tie them into a classic bow. What sounds a bit complicated at first quickly turns into a pretty, homemade bow pump, with which you can now stroll through the streets just as stylishly as all the hip fashion girls with their designer pumps including bow detail.

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