Has Jennifer Lopez used Botox®? We finally know!

Has the star ever used aesthetic medicine to enhance her face and look younger? Jennifer Lopez finally responded on Instagram.

Time seems to have no hold on Jennifer lopez. The bomba latina is now 51 years old, and yet we could easily give her 10 years younger. With each of her posts on Instagram, her beauty captivates her community; and this, regardless of its beauty. Whether Jennifer Lopez wears makeup or not, she still manages to have a perfectly smooth skin. Suffice to say that many have already wondered about to the secrets of his eternal youth. Until now, she had kept a low profile and had not given her opinion on cosmetic medicine and surgery.

This week, however, she was challenged by the comment of a user: "I just want to point out that your eyebrows and forehead don't move a bit when you speak or express something … You must have had to resort to Botox®. And even done a bunch of injections. And that does not matter". A message that did not get through and whose author was quickly cropped by the star. "LOL, it's just my face! For the 500,000,000th time … I have never done Botox®, or injections, or surgery! I just say it like that. (…) Try to be more positive, kind and caring towards others, this will keep you young and beautiful too! With all my love " replied Jennifer Lopez; who took the opportunity to reveal her beauty routine to take care of his skin. “Try the JLO Beauty brand products and feel beautiful about yourself!”. The secret of her beautiful skin would therefore be simply the use of the care of her brand. JLO Beauty. Note that these are enriched with olive oil, the singer's family secret for a perfect complexion and glowing skin of health.

Jennifer Lopez reveals her 100% natural secret to looking younger, and we didn't expect that!

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