Here are the 4 best packets of rice (without pesticides) to buy in supermarkets, according to 60 Million consumers

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Rice is a starchy food contaminated with numerous pesticide residues according to the latest survey by the magazine 60 Millions de consommateurs. We therefore reveal 4 packets of rice which do not contain pesticide residues, available in supermarkets for only less than 4 euros.

In its latest issue dated February 2024, 60 Million consumers alerts us to the presence of residues of pesticides in the packets of rice that we regularly buy in supermarkets. According to the results of the survey revealed in the magazine published by the National Consumer Institute, more than a third of the 40 rice packets of the trade analyzed which are concerned (all types of rice combined), and no less than 9 different pesticides which we risk swallowing the next time we cook rice. Even if the doses found in the samples of basmati, long grain, Thai or Camargue rice screened do not exceed the maximum regulatory limit set by the European Commission, some of the substances concerned are considered “at risk” by the Safety Agency. French health (Anses).

This is why we were interested in the rice that you can buy with your eyes closed in supermarkets, those which were able to convince the magazine’s investigators. The choice of 60 Million consumers focused on 4 rice references “without any pesticide residue” and which are thus guaranteed “safe for health”. They are all sold at less than 4 euros in the supermarket!

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Rice without pesticides: 4 rices for less than 4 euros to enjoy without risk, according to 60 Million consumers

Good news, the rice selection of 60 Million consumers will satisfy everyone’s tastes, since it includes basmati rice, Thai rice, Camargue rice and long grain rice!

  • THE Carrefour extra basmati rice : sold for €2.79 per 1 kg packet of rice in Carrefour supermarkets, this basmati rice is the best rated (18/20) and therefore the best of all in the selection of 60 Million consumers.
  • THE Camargue rice from Our regions have talent : more expensive than Carrefour basmati, since its 500 g package is sold for €3.80 on the shelves, this Camargue rice is the only other rice judged “very good” by the magazine. Rated 17.5/20, it is a good alternative to accompany your meat and fish.
  • THE Thai rice from Monoprix : judged “good” by the magazine published by the National Institute of Consumption with a very good score of 16.5/20, it is the least expensive rice in the selection of 60 Million consumers. Its 1 kg package of Thai rice is sold for only €1.85. This is the best value for money rice.
  • THE Jasmine rice fragrant long grain rice from Riz du monde : it is the favorite long grain rice of 60 Million consumers. Sold for €3.37 for a 1 kg package, it is also rated 16.5/20 and is easily found in Carrefour, Cora and Franprix supermarkets.

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