High blood sugar, abdominal fat: here are 5 drinks rich in sugar that would benefit them, according to a dietitian: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

If there are tips for losing weight or limiting abdominal fat like consuming certain vegetables, or even drinking green tea, other drinks can, on the contrary, have a negative impact on belly fat. Indeed, if during his interview granted to Current wifenutritionist Laurence Devolder already recommended against sugary drinks in the morning “to avoid starting your day with simple sugar”, what drinks should be avoided and why are they incompatible with a healthy diet and weight loss? To answer this question, dietician-nutritionist Krutika Nanavati shared At media American SheFinds THE 5 High-Sugar Drinks You’re Best to Avoid If You’re Looking to Lose Weight.

Flat stomach: what are the 5 drinks to avoid if you want to lose weight?

Many popular and popular drinks are likely to have a detrimental effect on blood sugar levels and promote the accumulation of abdominal fat. What drinks should you avoid if you want to lose weight or keep your blood sugar under control? Krutika Nanavati has listed those that are best forgotten for your figure and health.

Sodas and soft drinks

It is well known that excessive consumption of soda is dangerous for your health. “Sodas are notoriously high in added sugarsoften more than 40 grams per serving and the high fructose content quickly raises blood sugar levels, leading to spikes insulin”, explains the dietician. This is because these drinks are loaded with added sugars or high fructose corn syrup, which can lead to a high surge of glucose in the blood, causing spikes in blood sugar and numerous adverse metabolic effects. “With time, this can cause insulin resistancewhich significantly contributes to the accumulation of abdominal fat“, adds Krutika Nanavati.

Fruit juices

Although fruit juices appear to be good for health in theory, their preparation deprives them of their fiber and concentrates their sugar content, making them drinks likely to cause a rapid increase in blood sugar levels. The expert details that “despite their healthy image, many commercially purchased fruit juices are loaded with added sugarswhose sugar content is similar to or higher than that of sodas, and the absence of fiber in these juices leads to rapid absorption of sugar, which causes blood sugar spikes and facilitates fat storage in the abdominal area“.

Coffee-based drinks

Although very tasty, coffee drinks such as lattes or frappuccinos often contain high amounts of refined sugars or sweet syrups, as well as calories and fat. “Many popular coffee drinks are enhanced with syrups, whipped cream, and other sweetenerswhich significantly increases their calorie and sugar content: the combination of high sugar and fat content increases insulin levels, promoting the storage of abdominal fat and altering glucose metabolism“, explains the dietitian.

Energy drinks

Krutika Nanavati also points the finger energy drinkswhich are a combination of sugar and caffeine : “these drinks not only contain high levels of sugar, but also caffeine and other stimulants.The sugar content of energy drinks can cause rapid spikes in blood sugar and subsequent drops, which contributes to increasing the cravingsoverall calorie intake and belly fat accumulation“, she adds.

Flavored waters and sports drinks

Even though they are known to be better for your health, Flavored waters and sports drinks actually contain high amounts of added sugars, artificial sweeteners, and other additives, in order to enhance the taste and extend their shelf life. Concerning their negative effect on blood sugar and abdominal fat, the dietitian explains that “as in sodas, the high sugar content can lead to immediate increase in blood sugar and insulin levelswhat promotes fat storage in the abdominal area“.

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