Horoscope: These zodiac signs inspire the strawberry moon on June 5

On Friday, June 5th at exactly 9:12 p.m., our good old friend Mond will once again show its brightest side: as a full moon. This month it has the wonderful name of strawberry moon – because it falls in the strawberry season. It is said that Native Americans, the Algonquin, coined the name for the June full moon because it marked the beginning of the strawberry harvest for them.

This year the strawberry moon is in the Sagittarius constellation. We are now going to reveal which zodiac sign it particularly inspires.

Horoscope: These zodiac signs inspire the strawberry moon on June 5


You have been subliminally ready for change for a long time, but now you finally find the courage and the confidence to actively initiate it – because as a spiritual person you are extremely receptive to the effects of the strawberry moon. Don't let critics or fears slow you down: Changes that you are now initiating will prove to be improvements in the long term.


The strawberry moon inspires you to dream intensely. You succeed in detaching yourself from the here and now and using your imagination to penetrate other worlds. Just admit it and don't fancy that would be useless! Traveling helps to see things from a distance and from a different perspective and reveals many important things that would otherwise remain hidden – even if we only do it in our thoughts.


Strawberry moon in the Sagittarius? No wonder your optimism and your energy peak! Now nothing can harm you, because nothing can take away your hope and confidence. You are firmly convinced that life is beautiful, even if it is not always easy. Besides, you are up to all exams and challenges anyway, so what should you be afraid of ?! Well, what else is there to say? Sometimes you only need enough light to recognize the truth. ?

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