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Horoscope: This is how your weekend will be from March 27 to 29, 2020

We are in a tense situation. Mars is currently switching to Aquarius and will meet Saturn there. This favors that different perspectives get caught and you rub yourself against it. Uranus, however, opens up unexpected ways out. We will now reveal how this situation affects the upcoming weekend of the individual zodiac signs.

Horoscope: This is how your weekend will be from March 27 to 29, 2020


Capricorns are coping remarkably well with the current situation. The earth sign has recognized what is important and tries to nip any anger and frustration in the bud. Right, after all, that would only cost extra strength. At the weekend, you can relax and unwind by taking care of your surroundings and your body.


Aquarius struggles most with not being able to move as freely as usual, but is better at rest on weekends than during the week. An inspiration gives you new motivation and drive. Allow yourself to make plans and dream – after all, the situation will not remain the same forever.


It is important for Watermark Fish to make contact with people who understand it at the weekend. Is there maybe an old friend you could call again? Or have you let the contact to certain members of your family slip a little? The next few days are absolutely appropriate to resume such relationships. The people concerned are guaranteed to appreciate your initiative.


Feuerzeichen Aries feels dangerously close to an explosion. You are loaded and do not know where to put your energy. But let's be honest: if someone manages to turn this into productivity and deal with the situation constructively, then yes you do. Furniture back? Trash closet? To dance? You already have something in mind!


Bulls should best set up a very specific plan for this weekend that they will stick to. The more structure you have, the better off you are and the more comfortable you feel. Dress up, have breakfast, do laundry, shop, cook, meditate – pack your to-do list as fully as possible (and don't forget the little things), then the weekend will give you strength and relax.


Luftzeichen Gemini is latently annoyed and dissatisfied all weekend – but notices that and thinks it's almost funny. You are currently learning a lot about yourself and are watching with interest what is going on inside you and how you are currently growing beyond yourself. You make the best of the situation and can be proud of yourself – even if you are a little irritable at times.


The cancer is currently surprisingly balanced – at least externally. You can open yourself to people who are close to you and they can give you strength to keep your composure. Listen to your feelings at the weekend and talk a lot to your loved ones. If you live with someone who has strong hands: a massage would be just right for you.


Wow, but someone has a positive energy boost! After the week was rather so-so, on the weekend you discover what lies dormant in you and could never be awakened in everyday normality. Now follow your impulses and believe in yourself and your dreams. Maybe decelerating will do you better than you thought.


Virgins are doing everything right! You are really cool and keep a cool head, although of course you cannot implement your plans as you would wish. Strong, how you keep your nerves and thus also give strength to people near you. Nevertheless, you also need attention, if necessary by yourself. So maybe grab a good book at the weekend, sit down with it at the open window and just dive in for a moment.


The weekend will be unusually difficult for scales. You love going out and doing something with others and hate having to do without it now. But is that really a reason for a person as optimistic as you to hang out? Use your creativity to still have a good time with your loved ones. Set up the camera, press record and go – speak out, document your day, study a magic trick and show it off and send the video to your people. Or come up with something else. You have enough ideas.


Scorpions are currently proving that they can not only be sensitive, but also extremely pragmatic. You are a strong support for your fellow human beings and that also gives you strength and a good feeling. At the weekend, you should definitely celebrate yourself and pamper yourself. Hot bath, beauty treatment, workout, yoga – choose something or just do everything. Then you will be fresh and refueled next week.


It took a bit, but slowly the shooter is getting on with the situation almost exemplary. At the weekend there is a feeling of unrest, but you can use it constructively – maybe not quite as you would like it to be, but who cares. Life is too unique to be angry about things that cannot be changed. You have never felt it like you do now.

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