If quarantine is ordered: FC Bayern could withhold Kimmich’s salary

When quarantine is ordered
FC Bayern could withhold Kimmich’s salary

If the Corona suspicion is confirmed in Joshua Kimmich’s private environment, the FC Bayern footballer has to be quarantined again. Because the German international has not yet been vaccinated, he is threatened with financial loss.

“It is not entirely unlikely that you will meet someone who has corona.” Julian Nagelsmann said this sentence, and this sentence could have noticeable consequences for Joshua Kimmich and FC Bayern in times of rapidly increasing numbers of infections. Because shortly after his quarantine as a contact person for Corona-infected Niklas Süle, the midfielder is threatened with the next order from the health department to please withdraw into his home and isolate himself until further notice. Although initially as a “pure precautionary measure”, as Nagelmann emphasized, if the suspected case in the national player’s private environment becomes a confirmed corona case, Kimmich would have to be quarantined for the second time in a short time. And it could even cost him part of his salary.

Because Kimmich is probably the most prominent German athlete who has made his previous refusal to vaccinate public. Since November 1, a legal regulation has been in force, according to which the majority of those who have not been vaccinated should no longer receive compensation in the event of loss of earnings due to quarantine orders. So no continued payment of wages. This should apply to everyone for whom there is a vaccination recommendation against the coronavirus and who can also be vaccinated. It is not yet known whether this regulation will already be applied in practice shortly after it came into force.

Legal expert Joachim Rain recently told Sport1 that FC Bayern could withhold Kimmich’s salary in such a case. “A legal action against it would only be successful if the underlying legal bases were deemed by the court to be ineffective, for example because they justify an indirect compulsory vaccination. It is rather unlikely that a court will see it that way,” said Rain.

In view of the increasing number of infections and the fact that Kimmich has to fear the next order in just two days since he was released from quarantine, Nagelsmann said: “The Corona issue annoys us all.” The coach of the record champions also said about the recent Kimmich case: “Should the PCR result [von Kimmichs Kontakt im privaten Umfeld, Anm.d.Red.] Be positive, then as an unvaccinated person it is the same as it was when contacting Niki Süle. “With which he also made it clear that this pattern will repeat itself. Until either the rules are changed, which seems highly unlikely. Or until Kimmich can still be convinced of the point of vaccination.

Nagelsmann therefore warned the professionals at FC Bayern again: “I claim that the players who are not vaccinated understand that the risk of missing out on more games and training sessions is much greater as an unvaccinated person than as a vaccinated person.” Clear words – not only, but certainly also, to Joshua Kimmich.

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